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This always makes me so sad…

Oh GOD the heart-breaking longing….

I’m posting this sketch as a thank you to the guys on Twitter who talked me out of throwing it in the rubbish bin. It’s here, it’s posted, I can’t chuck it now :P Also, it’s my love to them for talking me through a major art depression I’m having, and for being wonderful friends to an old grumpy guts who sometimes isn’t very kind to her own art. I’m rubbish at kissing pictures, which is why you hardly see much sexy art from me *sadface* But i’ll keep trying to beat the fail, try to improve and keep trucking ♥

Director: “Cut!  Michael, question?”
Michael: “So, just to be clear, I should be kissing him now, yes?  I mean we’ve been leading up to it this whole time.”


So. Much. Win. Doubleleaf on deviantART has been one of my favorite artists for such a long time now.

One of my favorite artists ever on this planet draw a cherik-fanart…