Hey everyone, specifically all those people who were reading Keys and Cages.

I’m both sorry and pleased to inform you that I’m no longer going to be writing Keys and Cages. I’ve just lost the motivation for it, and I know my writing will suffer, which you guys don’t deserve. I want it to be written by someone who cares about it and wants to give it their all.

For that reason, I’m passing it off to Azryal to take care of it. She has all my notes, outlines, and my full support. I hope you all give her the same!

Thanks so much for supporting me, guys. I really appreciate all your reassurances when my confidence was at a low and with each new update. You were awesome!

Okay, just a warning for people following this fic.

I’m working on something new thatshouldbe rather short, but IDK. It’s turning into a thing. And I’m putting a lot of effort into it, and research, and…stuff.

So, K&C might update kind of slow (as if it wasn’t before) but I want to let you know that I’mnotabandoning it. I’ll let you know if that day ever comes. For now, I’m just working on something else that won’t be put up until it’s finished, most likely.

Thanks. : )




4.4k words on chapter 13. One more scene and then it’s done.

I haven’t done one of these in ages.

Mostly because I haven’t worked on the fic in ages. Trololol.

Here, have some banter.


“Maybe we’ll visit again,” Raven said, her fingertips warm against his. “And before you start concerning yourself, I meant after he leaves again. I think Erik’s starting to like you.”

“I never disliked him,” Erik muttered, churning to life another flicker of warmth deep in Charles’ chest.

“How lucky for me,” he replied. “I feel that not a lot of people are afforded that luxury with you.”

Another beat, this one more agonizing for some reason Charles couldn’t fathom, before Erik’s voice spoke up again. Amusement tinged it to soft gold in Charles’ ears, “You’re lucky I’m not offended by that.”

Charles smiled, and it hurt his cheeks to do so by this point. “Perhaps because it’s the truth?”

Erik hummed. “Perhaps.”



Look. More lists. Fucking lists. They’re awesome.

  • Shower (my mom gave me a massage and ow my fucking back ;___;)
  • Finish Tah’s gift. (Every 1000 words = Episode of White Collar)
  • Finish editing Chapter 11 (ohgod. re-reading my old writing tho)
  • Hopefully continue the awesome streak and finish Chapter 13 and move onto 14 because that would be pretty damn sweet.

Seriously. Relocating my laptop and myself upstairs right now. I’m going to go to sleep, wake up, and write things. ALL THE THINGS.

Spring break starts next week. This means no classes and no work!

I have homework to do, so I’d like to try to get that done early on. It probably won’t work, but that’s what I’m aiming for. I’m also aiming to update Keys and Cages, now that I’ll have time to sit down and properly edit and write things. If I’m lucky I’ll get a few more chapters in; I know it’s been a month since I updated, but I promise it’s not abandoned!

I also have a giftfic to write for the lovely tahariel/celluloidfloozy that I’m working out. I’m trying not to let plot get in the way of the porn. XD But I think it’ll turn out pretty good. I’m not going to write too much right now because I’m sitting in class and I feel weird enough having written porn. Twice now. D:

Also watching White Collar, ftw.

Also RPing with McKenna, but she’s not got break the same time that I do, so we’ll just have to work around her class schedule. If we’re really lucky, Charles and Erik will get back together before the end of the year. : D

Also my original fic (still needs a title because my current title sucks) that deals with the myth of Hades and Persephone. o uo I’d like to work on that when I get the chance. Apparently I’ve handled the love-at-first-sight thing pretty well, so I’m really pleased with that.

And then maybe working a little bit more on the Cherik thing I’d been writing for McKenna. If she’s still interested. I don’t know. Maybe she’ll be interested in just the Persephone/Hades one. XD

Hiya! Still working on the not nagging thing, but wanted to know if there's a part of you that would feel pity for me and perhaps give us another preview???? *puppydogeyes*

“So, what’s his history with Shaw, then?” Just asking outright might not get him an answer as specific as he’d like, but being too direct meant that he might not get an answer at all.

Angel laughed a little bit, setting the bowl back down. “You’d probably know more than I do. You should try asking Darwin when he comes up to talk to you. He’s been here the longest. Well, aside from Frost, but you shouldn’t talk to her at all if you can help it.”

Charles had been here for months and he’d never met Frost. Raven had mentioned her in passing, he was sure, and he was a bit surprised that Shaw hadn’t dictated his care to her. From what he could tell, she was the one in charge of the goings on around the castle. But he wasn’t going to complain. Talking with her likely would have gotten him in trouble or no where it at all—neither of which were outcomes he was looking for.

He smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind, Angel. Thank you.”

She replied in kind as she gathered up the things from his lunch and left. None of them ever lingered, and he was sure it was because Lady Frost must have kept them on a tight schedule.

He passed the time by stepping back into the study and plucking a new book from its perch. When that proved boring he moved onto the desk, smoothing his fingers over the map. He didn’t think it had changed since the last time he’d seen it, but he couldn’t be sure. It smelled of fresh ink shortly after Shaw had left, but it had long since dried now and he wasn’t worried about getting any on his fingers. He didn’t want to think of the crazy assumptions Shaw would come up with if he discovered something like that; he’d probably assume he was writing notes for help or something equally ridiculous. Equally pointless.

Still, he pushed aside Shaw’s paranoia and tried to focus. There were some areas where the layers of ink from Shaw’s tracing made imprints in the map. He was able to outline, vaguely, what he believed to be Westchester. There was nothing distinguishing about it, really, because all the names were crossed out in virtually the same fashion. But he knew where it would lie on the map, and that was enough. He didn’t want to think about it’s eradicated name any more than he had to.

He hadn’t realized until meeting Erik how clever and careful Shaw had been about keeping him in the dark as figuratively as he did literally. From what he could tell, between Raven, Erik, and his brief conversation with Angel, Shaw’s second-in-command was certainly someone important to him. He would have figured Shaw the type to gloat about having someone as feared as Erik in his guard, but he didn’t. He didn’t talk about anyone more than he had to.

There was no way this level of paranoia was inherent; but, just as such, there way no way to really figure out what could have caused it. Shaw would certainly never tell him, and the people who could shed some light on it weren’t going to either. He wasn’t in any position to solve any mysteries.

That didn’t, of course, stop the question, and, as childish as it was, he could blame Shaw for that. Perhaps not for his intrigue, but for the simple fact that he had nothing else to do but wonder to distract himself.

—Chapter 12