Where the hell is McKenna!? I need her to beta the characterization in this chapter before I can post it. GDI.

Title: go on, i bet you’re just dying to try me
Author: Coshledak
Word Count: 935
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: None, but implied Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski (Sterek)

Intensely involved with the mundane task of finishing his picture, because the next one in the stack was Captain America and that would be way more fun, he almost missed someone coming in. He didn’t, of course, because that would have made him a really bad host. And also fired.

“Good afternoon welcome to—holy crap.” He stopped in mid-reach for the stack of menus, his eyes finding Derek’s more out of unprepared necessity than conscious effort.

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Don’t believe her lies.

McKenna randomly disappeared.


I figured as much, but I wanted to see it in writing. >__>
Reading through my old RP with McKenna.
Charles: *Climbing a bookshelf to reach a book on the top shelf.*
Erik: ...Charles, what are you doing?
Charles: Rock climbing, except I've replaced the rocks with books so it's more educational.


Because then I get bored, and actually do the things she tells me to. Like write Roman!Cherik. At least there is sex in this chapter.

Your fanfic writing skills are not zero. If you couldn’t write, I’d be all like…not so excited that you LISTENED TO ME OH MY GOD YAY I’LL HAVE SOMETHING TO READ SOON I HOPE.


I mean, yeah.