I haven’t done one of these in ages.

Mostly because I haven’t worked on the fic in ages. Trololol.

Here, have some banter.


“Maybe we’ll visit again,” Raven said, her fingertips warm against his. “And before you start concerning yourself, I meant after he leaves again. I think Erik’s starting to like you.”

“I never disliked him,” Erik muttered, churning to life another flicker of warmth deep in Charles’ chest.

“How lucky for me,” he replied. “I feel that not a lot of people are afforded that luxury with you.”

Another beat, this one more agonizing for some reason Charles couldn’t fathom, before Erik’s voice spoke up again. Amusement tinged it to soft gold in Charles’ ears, “You’re lucky I’m not offended by that.”

Charles smiled, and it hurt his cheeks to do so by this point. “Perhaps because it’s the truth?”

Erik hummed. “Perhaps.”