“I’m not completely over the fact that I can’t trust like most people, but I swear I’ve gotten better. Nowhere near perfect, but, I’m as far as I can get while doing it on my own.” Erik knows that he has to be around people in order for his trust in them to grow. That there is absolutely no way that one can learn to trust someone without being in contact with them. He realized only a few days ago that he needs Charles around in order to make any of the changes that were necessary for him to get better. Taking a deep inhale through his nose, Erik decides to just lay out his offer. He doesn’t think it’s going to be accepted, but he knows – or at least he hopes he knows – it’s a good show of trust. “Saying that, I want you to know that I trust you in my head completely. No barriers, no restrictions, nothing. I want the connection back with you, to have you see everything about me.” He hopes that’s enough, or at least a start at being enough. Because other than his mind, and the small line of trust that is slowly growing in it, he doesn’t know what else to offer.
He surprises himself with the word. His own mind was expecting a ‘yes,’ but his lips form the very opposite of it. He almost curses the alcohol, the buzz returning from the shock of Erik’s visit, but it’s more than that and he knows it. Thankfully the rest of his body is ready to react as well and he reaches out, closing his fingers around Erik’s hand while his brain formulates the rest of where this is going because he wants Erik back. He wants him home now. To stay the night, to not get out of bed in the morning. It hurts to breathe just thinking about it, about what he’s just said.
He squeezes Erik’s hand. “Ask me again after our fifth date.”

— From Part III, “Finding My Way Back to You”