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The relationship with Piers and some haters is so annoying. You see people all over saying how they hate all the yaoi/porn/bara that does occasionally show up in the tags, and the responses are always something like “he’s such fanservice” and “way to degrade a character” and then trashing other fans. They completely forget that SOME of us like Piers as a character.Forget that Chris has three sex-appeal heavy alt costumes and Jake’s most revealing character moment is when he reveals everything but his bare butt to an unclothed Sherry. Let’s all bash the hero of RE6 because people like drawing NSFW of him.There is no correlation between fan reactions and what a character really is. And so much of it is unfair. The people complaining about all the yaoi/bara, which is always what it is, are the same ones who freaked about Sailor Chris for all of a week and completely ignored Jill’s alt costume for Revelations. Possibly the stupidest thing is that these kinds of rants about how Piers is nothing but an outlet for porn is that there hasn’t even been a lot of porn in the tags since Revelations came out. If you’re so bent out of shape, block a tag or a blog. It’s not that hard and it will hopefully help you refrain from putting down fans.

I miss my amazing guy so much!