Does anyone happen to know if there’s a Hunger Games/Cherik AU floating around?

"Supervillain" doesn’t mean 100% ultimate, mustache twirling, tying-Charles-to-the-train-tracks evil. The comics have mad numerous attempts to get the audience to understand Erik’s side of things; they’ve done numerous things to try to redeem him (and made it clear that Erik himself has periods of doubt, insecurity, and the need to be redeemed via Charles, most commonly); and they’ve frequently analyzed him from the perspective of the character who knows him best: Charles Xavier.
I think I read somewhere once, or heard maybe, that Erik is eternally a scared child in the Holocaust. He’s afraid of the world, of the capability of those who don’t understand, and his greatest dream isn’t domination it’s safety for his people. As the comics go through eras, writers and artists, it changes. Sometimes Erik just seems like a ruthless megalomaniac, but in the more recent years he can be sympathized with. He’s lost a lot—too much—no matter how you look at him. He’s seen the bad side of the world, and it’s battered and bruised him until he feels he has no other choice. He wants no other mutant to suffer the way that he has.
A few people have pointed out being against his struggle for mutant-supremacy, and that I agree with. Not just because I’m human, but because Erik should know better than to think genocide is the answer. I’m against his desire and prioritizing of instigating violence. But do I agree with other views? His views on humanity? Yes.
As a species, we have the hardest time on the planet just accepting each other. We’ll accept theories about ghosts and big foot, but gays don’t deserve the right to marry? The struggle of African-Americans for rights? The way we treat people seeking safety and new lives in this country? Face it, we don’t have the best track record. Here on tumblr, we see a lot of people who are quick to support things we don’t understand, but the majority of the world isn’t like that. And they wouldn’t be like that faced with mutants.
So, yeah, I agree with some of Magneto’s observations. I don’t know of a full-scale war would be the answer, and I don’t think at all that genocide would be the answer, but just the “supervillain” tag isn’t the reason he’s wrong.

Like, if you don’t get nit-picky about the things that don’t line up, just think about it. Think about the fact that Ian’s Magneto and Erik’s Magneto are the same Magneto. All the hardships and things that we saw, he was carrying with him during the original trilogy. Everything that happened on the beach and with Shaw.

Sometimes I just watch the Divorce or see a picture of them or something and my brain tries to reconcile that this is the same as that and it’s like, “Whoa, wait, what?” and refuses to make the leap. That makes it really hard to explain, I think, but it’s sort of like…seeing someone you knew really well removed from the situation in which you knew them. Or knowing something about them that they don’t yet know.

It’s just crazy, I think, because I feel like I understand Ian’s Magneto even more than I originally did. The same goes with Charles, of course. There’s just this whole new weight to their performances in the original trilogy (well, one and two. I hated X3 and you won’t convince me otherwise) that I can appreciate with the XMFC backstory. Despite all the nit-picky flaws, there’s an additional depth there. A knowledge about them that the characters themselves don’t even really understand. But I wish that they did because then, maybe, I like to believe that they’d see some way to reconcile everything.

And yet, at the same time, the knowledge means that I know they won’t.