So duomochoa was kind enough to point out this tweet for me in which Jeff Davis implies that Peter wasn’t the only survivor of the Hale House Fire.

Would anyone else be seriously disappointed by this development? Because I would.

I’m going to put trigger warnings on this, although I’m not entirely sure what the exact triggers should be. Emotional trauma, maybe?

1. It cheapens Derek’s trauma and, possibly, even Derek as a character.

One of the major impacting things on Derek’s character is the loss of his family when he was sixteen years old. His involvement in that massacre is hugely influencing on the person he developed into. His loss defines him, which is shown as much in the ashes he’s bursting from in the opening sequence.

I don’t think it’d be “interesting” if we discovered another Hale survived, I think it would be damaging. Do I want to learn more about the Hale family and Derek’s past? Of course I do! I love Derek as a character, and I’m hugely interested in the type of relationship he had with his family. But do I want Hales to start coming out of the woodwork? Absolutely not. As weird as this might sound, I like that the Hale family is gone. I like the things that Derek has had to endure to get where he is in S2. The entire dynamic is ruined if you just keep saying people survived.

Plus, even if it’s just one other person, the fire was supposed to leave Derek and Laura essentially alone in the world. You ruin that entire thing by saying another person miraculously survived. Along side Derek’s character, you cheapen Peter’s character for being the person who crawled out of the flames and destruction. What’s the point?

2. I’m sorry. So pack isn’t that important?

There’s a lot of stress this season on the important of pack. The pack makes an alpha strong, and it gives the entire pack power and companionship. Packs protect each other and watch out for each other. Even if Derek was shown early in the season creating his pack just for power, which Jeff Davis referenced would be what he was gearing up for as the baddies of S3. But we’ve seen, particularly as of the full moon, that Derek is coming to care more about his pack. He’s proud of them—particularly Isaac—for the growth that they’ve made. He’s got a few steps in the alpha direction.

But by bringing back another Hale who mystically, magically survived, you’re telling me that pack isn’t that important. Peter not realizing another member survived is something I could understand—he was traumatized and heavily damaged by the fire. But Laura and Derek both missed that fact? Despite the apparent importance of their pack, and the logical course of action to think that the Hale family was a pack to begin with, they just managed to over look another survivor? Laura just became the alpha in the wake of her family’s death. She didn’t sense that another person had lived? Or, what, she knew all along and just elected not to tell anyone about it?

3. Conclusion.

At this point, the show will lose some serious integrity from me of another Hale magically appears in a later season. I’ll be sorely disappointed, because it won’t be an interesting plot twist. For me, it’s just going to cheapen everything that we’ve believed to be true up until this point. Even if the surviving Hale doesn’t turn out to be that important, the fact is that it’s incredibly damaging to the world that Davis seems to have tried to build up until this point.

Particularly dealing with the concept of a pack, which is something that, personally, I believed to be a deep part of the werewolf mythos. Apparently not? That’s kind of disappointing.

Obviously I’m going to keep watching the show, and I’m not going to rip anyone a new one for disagreeing with me. We don’t know what’s going on in Jeff’s mind about this, but we do know for a fact that he can be a pretty awesome storyteller. I just read that tweet and had a lot of annoying feelings that I wanted to take down.

Alternatively Titled: In Which Cosh Gushes Love for Chris Argent and His Relationship to Derek Hale and Has to Write Another Freaking Meta About It.

(Possible spoilers, maybe, if you aren’t caught up on S2)

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This was mostly written in response to this, which was very well articulated but I do not personally agree with it.

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