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something based on the final scene from part 1 of coshledak's story no one mourns the wicked. it’s gr8 and you should read it.

AHHHH. This is beautiful! I was so excited to see the ask in my blog saying that this piece was finished, not to mention how honored I was that someone would ask to draw art for my fic. It’s so beautiful, and I’m so flattered. AHHH. That’s all I can do to express it. AHHH.
Seriously, it’s beautiful. I love the dress Elsa is wearing and the sort of distrusting look on Hans’ face. It’s all so beautiful! Thank you so much!


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Can someone make a gifset of Loki in The Avengers when Thor tries to tackle him back into the containment cell and hits an illusion and Loki says “Are you ever not going to fall for that?”

And then the scene in Thor 2 when Thor’s talking to him in the dungeon and Loki says that whole “Did you come here to gloat? To mock?” and Thor says something like “No more illusions, Loki.”

Because parallels.


That last picture was too sad..here have this.


Okay, so, I get that people are angry. With Jeff and with Dennifer, ect. 

But, why are some people saying “I’m not going to watch the show any more”?

I mean, I love Sterek as a ship, I’d love for them to get together, but I’m NOT going to stop watching the show just because Derek has a new love interest!

The show is about more than Sterek. Who cares if Dennifer gets together, maybe it’s a bigger thing and to do with the plot. Maybe it’s not. 

We all love our ships and stuff, but I don’t watch shows just because certain characters have chemistry and I want to see them get together. No, I watch shows because I genuinely enjoy them, and what the actors and writers do with them. 

It’s not about the parallels between the relationships. It’s not about the fact that Jeff said Sterek could/might happen and now Derek is getting with someone else. Teen Wolf isn’t about the relationships. Just as any other half decent show isn’t. 

It’s about the mother fucking plot! 

I just said something similar to my friend earlier, but personally, I think it’s about a little more than Sterek. Not that I’m doubting that people are quitting just because Dennifer throws a wrench in their wheels (I’m a Sterek shipper, too.)

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