Charles respectfully disagrees.



The X men first class - Erik x Charles

Casually possessive Erik is such a 





Today is National Kissing Day <3
Actually it’s a 22 kisses challenge from Pixiv, but I haven’t finished yet… and I’m not sure if I could finish it. awful.

National Kissing Day!
I need to do something for this! XD Beautiful, Gabbia, this looks like a photobooth panel! <3

thank you! I hope I could draw more of them. 

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Hey everyone, specifically all those people who were reading Keys and Cages.

I’m both sorry and pleased to inform you that I’m no longer going to be writing Keys and Cages. I’ve just lost the motivation for it, and I know my writing will suffer, which you guys don’t deserve. I want it to be written by someone who cares about it and wants to give it their all.

For that reason, I’m passing it off to Azryal to take care of it. She has all my notes, outlines, and my full support. I hope you all give her the same!

Thanks so much for supporting me, guys. I really appreciate all your reassurances when my confidence was at a low and with each new update. You were awesome!


A very kind person (who I won’t name without their permission, but who works in the industry and has heard stories) has advised me that even though I’m not making money from printing Stockholm, as Lulu is, there’s a potential problem there with Marvel if they do catch wind of it. I had considered this, but to be honest I didn’t expect this to make as much noise as it has done anyway - I am pretty staggered by the response! - but if people could keep it fairly quiet that would help me not be sued.

Also just to let people know I will be taking down the listing in one or two weeks’ time depending on how badly I am freaking out about this (at the moment: really quite freaked out) so if you do want one better to do it sooner than later. I know this note will spread far, far less distance than the original post but even so.

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s, w, z

S. Show us an example of your personal headcanon.

Erik’s still out cold when she gets back to the apartment. She folds the towels into a pile on the table and sets out the arrangement of toiletries in an unnecessary display—just for fun—and the toilet paper as a background to it all. She sets the beer on a shelf in the fridge with the lunch meat and puts the bread on the counter. The finishing touch is a note set on the table in front of the display.


Don’t worry, you’ll be paying me back for all of it. I just thought you might be less likely to destroy something (I.e, the city) if there was some food (check the kitchen) and toilet paper in the immediate vicinity. And maybe you’d like a shower (not that you smelled bad or anything but, like I said, you look like hell). I would’ve grabbed coffee but, alas, no coffee maker. Although the image of you glaring at a bag of coffee beans trying to will it into coffee is pretty hilarious.

Anyway, I’m serious about what I said: Call if you need anything. I’m going to be checking up on you anyway, but don’t be, like, half-dead when I stop in or something. Alright?

Here are a few numbers for take-out places (the best in the city, thank you!) if you’re interested.

Try not to jump out the window. You’ll probably live and they’ll charge you for repairing it


(From Unforgettable Verse, Part III “Finding My Way Back to You”

Or: In which Raven is Erik’s best friend.)

W. 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms.

1. Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho

Seriously, I have his name tattooed on my wrist and made a mary-sue character for him. They were married for something like eight years across various RPs. He’s just really important to me. Don’t judge.

2. Theodore “Teddy” Altman aka “Hulkling” from Young Avengers

Originally I started off the series liking Billy the most, but Teddy really grew on me when I was working on a fanfiction for the two of them. He’s a really sweet guy who cares about Billy more than anyone in the whole world. You really have to appreciate a guy who’s willing to tell off Quicksilver and Magneto when they threaten his boyfriend’s safety.

3. Crowley from Good Omens

The man is so clever and witty, I just can’t not love him. Plus, he threatens his plants. HIS. PLANTS. He’s just beautiful. That entire book was beautiful, but Crowley was something else.

4. Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

Let’s face it: I don’t give nearly enough love to the females. I adore Jill Valentine. She is one of the few female characters who doesn’t annoy me. The little bit of her that we get to see in RE5 is just—she’s brilliant. There are no other words for her. She’s a badass chick with a great sense of wit, and she balances Chris really well as a partner. I don’t feel like any aspect of her personality is her trying to hard or overplayed.

5. Neal Caffrey from White Collar

I don’t ship anything from this show, but I love Neal. I specifically love Neal’s relationship with Peter. Neal is another one of those characters that just blindsides you sometimes. He’s so witty and charming and yet there are all these deeper layers to him that take you an entire SEASON to peel back just one of them. And even then, you don’t peel it back all the way.

Z. Just ramble about something fan related. Go, go, go!

kadlghlakhdg I—what—but—

Okay, uh, I DON’T KNOW.

The only thing I can think of is something I was talking about with McKenna earlier. See, in our RP, Charles is Erik’s first relationship with another man, and he has some sort of shady habits concerning that. So I was reading articles for homework about stereotypical portrayals of homosexuality in the mainstream media. And this one article in particular was about Brokeback Mountain and the “queer sublime” and we ended up getting in this discussion about Erik’s masculinity.

It’s this big long thing and you’d kind of have to know how her Erik behaves, but basically we said that despite Erik’s loving Charles, he feels like his masculinity is constantly being threatened by being in a relationship with another man. Because Erik’s only dated women, and he’s a relatively stereotypically masculine male, so he’s never felt like his masculinity or sense of maleness has been threatened before. But with Charles, he feels like dating another man is a constant threat to his masculinity. So there are certain things he’s sort of uncomfortable with like public displays of affection and showing weakness in front of Charles.

McKenna pointed out that a lot of it had to do with Erik being weak in his history, so he doesn’t ever want to portray any kind of vulnerability to anyone ever again. Except that, while Charles doesn’t ask Erik to humiliate himself for his sake, he tends to be very understanding of things like that. Of mistakes in general. Whereas Erik views it as a sort of lessening of his sense of being a man. A lot of the touches we talk about Erik performing in public are possessive/those of ‘the protector’ which is sort of a challenge to anyone he thinks is looking at him as some emasculated male for dating Charles (another man). 

It was really fun and complex and interesting and yeah. o uo So. Um.

Okay, just a warning for people following this fic.

I’m working on something new thatshouldbe rather short, but IDK. It’s turning into a thing. And I’m putting a lot of effort into it, and research, and…stuff.

So, K&C might update kind of slow (as if it wasn’t before) but I want to let you know that I’mnotabandoning it. I’ll let you know if that day ever comes. For now, I’m just working on something else that won’t be put up until it’s finished, most likely.

Thanks. : )