When Wiccan first appeared in his new costume, I noticed the coat is longer than before… Then I got this image of it: perfect camouflage! XD

Here’s a new fancomic about Billy and Teddy, something quick as I wasn’t aiming for anything pro-looking, I just wanted to draw it for me. It’s the story I thought up when I started wondering if Teddy morphs when he’s dreaming, 
I’d like to hear your opinions or any comments you may have about it.
I hope you enjoy the read!

…but I feel like taking prompts for short little drabble things? I probably won’t do them tonight (it’s 2AM here), but I feel like just writing something aside from my RP stuff. So, uh, yeah. Just send me an ask with the pairing/characters and what you want.


  • Teen Wolf
  • Young Avengers
  • White Collar
  • Avengers
  • Legend of Korra

I reserve the right to not write something because of whatever reason I want. If I decide not to write something, then I’ll let you know. : )


Ms. Marvel is such a cock block.

Okay I’ve been trying for half an hour to hold this back until more people were awake, but I couldn’t. D’:
It’ll probably go ignored now but IDC.
So basically I found it adorable and hilarious that their poses kind of match up.
Also I want Kurtofsky to be as awesome and adorable as Teddy/Billy.